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Strictly Instrumental Flatt & Scruggs with Doc Watson
CD: $15.00
Cassette: $10.00

  • 1. Pick Along (Earl Scruggs)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <1:46>

  • 2. Nothing To It (Doc Watson)
    (Songs of PolyGram-BMI) <2:46>

  • 3. Evelina (Burkett Graves - J. Lambert)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <2:00>

  • 4. Jazzing (Earl Scruggs - Lester Flatt)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <2:02>

  • 5. Liberty (Lester Flatt - Earl Scruggs)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <2:13>

  • 6. Tammy's Song (Lester Flatt)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <1:55>

  • 7. John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man (A.P. Carter)
    (Peer Int'l Corp - BMI) <2:14>

  • 8. Lonesome Ruben (Earl Scruggs)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <2:19>

  • 9. Spanish Two-Step (Bob Willis)
    (Anne-Rachel Music - ASCAP) <1:58>

  • 10. Careless Love (Lester Flatt - Earl Scruggs)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <1:55>

  • 11. Bill Cheatham ((Lester Flatt - Earl Scruggs)
    (Scruggs Music, Inc. - BMI) <2:35>

  • Welcome to a summit meeting of folk and country music!
    liner notes by Robert Shelton - 1966

        In this album, two of the leading instrumental wizards of American music, banjoist Earl Scruggs and guitarist Doc Watson, meet for a historic session.
        ...This collection of folk and country instrumentals has much in it to commend it to even those unfortunate persons who may have never enjoyed these two viable forms of music Americana. A sense of freedom and lightness, an air of jazz-like improvisation and a splash of instrumental viruosity combine in Strictly Instrumental to make a memorable listening experience for music lovers of any sort.
        ...The performances speak eloquently for themselves, but a few things should be kept in mind. These are actual sounds from Earl, Lester and Doc and their supporting musicians. Nothing is speeded up, and nothing is doctored by studio engineers. It may surprise you, but this is a true recording with only the magic element of virtuosity to make you doubt your ears.
                                                                                                                           Robert Shelton

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